On long leg panty girdles-

Ever since a girl first tantalized my touch with a boned bodice under her gown, it’s been a source of mystery and eroticism to pursue to its revelation. And I believe real women must know that, instinctively or otherwise. It’s one of their arsenals of artifices and come-ons.
I recall the many situations in high school where I found myself parked with a girl who was wearing a girdle. After the endless process Id go through to get her excited enough to allow me to put my hand on her stocking… and then after another protracted exercise, finally get to the top of the stocking’s welt hoping to find warm, sweaty bare flesh. Alas, instead Id often find that she was wearing her “armored” long legged panty girdle, a horrid beast concocted by careful mothers and heartless fashion designers. The best I could hope for in those instances, was to perhaps breach the crisscrossed gusset panel of the girdle. Then I could play with her along the nylon gusset of the full cut nylon briefs she most assuredly wore under the girdle as a second line of defense. By then, my cock would be aching from being curled up in my trousers with the likelihood of no relief that night.
If the girdle hadn’t been there you probably would not have gotten as far as you did. Girls wanted to exercise their sexuality too but pre-pill and with fear of “getting in trouble” being right up there with serious illness or other personal and family disaster full penetration sex was like a tight-rope walk over Niagara Falls. The panty girdle gave young women a (sometimes false) sense of having a friendly “fire wall” past which her date get go only with her willing co-operation. She also was still thinking that she probably should try to stay intact for marriage, especially if still on the younger side of her teen years. That panty girdle with it’s satin, mesh, or hooked, or split crotch over her panty allowed her to receive plenty of stimulation without fear of passion leading to penetration. Many young girls learned to become even multi-orgasmic through this kind of limited risk sex, so its was an outlet for our libido while remaining relatively safe from the more dire consequences of “going all the way”. As a personal note, you guys never knew just how “wet and sticky” we girls were under our foundations - even more than you were. We had to keep Mom from noticing what a state our panties arrived back home in or face grounding forever. This is why Mom was patting our behinds as we went out the door to check or girdles though so I’m sure most suspected at least some of what was going on. So remember that in those days “virgins” could be a relative term.
Upon reflection, the hated garment of my youth had taken on a somewhat different interest for me now that I was well into middle age. The wonderful memories whenever I recall how many pretty girls Id diddled to orgasm after orgasm through the pretty panties they wore under those girdles. I seldom had hope for anything more than my touching them. Only those few who felt there was some sort of “relationship” would offer any reciprocity… and then usually only a few furtive strokes over my pants, leaving me with a wet, sticky laundry problem to deal with once I got home.
You might be surprised to find out I have heard from more than one woman how their first “all the way” experience started out as fully, or almost fully, clothed genital to genital stimulation and somebody “slipped”; accidentally or on purpose. The women involved invariably claimed it was not their intention to “do it” of course. I have heard of men saying they DID “slip” deliberately after promising to be careful. Another early version of safe sex in the early sixties was for a couple with the privacy to do so to undress down to underwear, girl in girdle and panties and guy in under shorts, an get into bed for heavy petting - with the understanding that the girdle would not come off. A high risk situation at best.
My mother always walked around in her girdle on the bedrooms floor of our house in my view and that of my younger brothers; we had no sisters. My mother and my aunts and her friends occasionally spoke about their girdles in my presence. In the eighth grade, one girl was found out in the girls’ locker room to be wearing a girdle. The other girls made a fuss over this discovery. They started goosing each other to find out who else was wearing a girdle.
In high school, that same girl and very few others wore girdles, most wore jeans with obviously un-girdled behinds. At that time, c. 1950, a girdle under jeans was a very obvious flat, monoass. When I was 16, in 1951, My mother gave my very beautiful cousin one of her very expensive dresses that was too tight for her. My cousin tried it on, but it was also tight on her behind, and my mother hesitated in giving it to her.. My cousin said that she was wearing only a loose girdle, and that if she wore a tight girdle the dress would fit. Later, she came over wearing the dress with her tight girdle on ubderneath. I was very impressed with how compressive was the tight girdle , and how compressible was my cousin’s ass.

When I went to college in Cambridge Mass, in 1952. I found that many of the Boston Highschool senior girls that I dated wore girdles, often panty girdles. I thought it was very sexy to find that a date was wearing a girdle. It was a subtle admission that they knew they had soft behinds that could be compressed.With girls wearing OBG girdles, it was most sensual to get my fingers under their girdles and feel their soft buns. For girls wearing PG’s, it was still very sexy to find out that they were wearing one, but very frustrating in trying to fondle the girls’ behinds. I found that,anyway, most girls wanted breasts fondled, rather than their buns. By 1958, most girls wore PG’s like body armor, making it hard to casualy fondle their behinds, but they were more likely to remove them at “nightcap” time than they were when they were younger.

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